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About Us...And The Beat Goes On!

Our son, L3 was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 2, which is what promoted us to search for products to soothe his itchy, dry skin. We found a few products that worked well, but when we went back to the store to replenish our supply, we found that the products were either no longer being sold or the store did not restock it. So we (Laurence & Montrella), started searching for ways we could make a product that would not only soothe L3’s dry skin, itchy skin but one that would not break the bank. Jackpot! That was it, make it ourselves. Who knew that the right blend of all natural products (most of them we had in the home) would be just what we need to help our little one stop scratching all the time. We realize there is no cure for eczema however; we have found that our sugar scrubs and body butters are just what he needs to help keep his skin moisturized.
December 2017, we decided it would be more cost effect to make host/hostess gifts to take to the homes of our family and friends who extended invitations during the holiday say. The Coconut-Mint-Lime (known as Coco Cure) was a hit. A few post on social media made us realize we were on to something. Building a skin care line made with all natural products became a conversation in our home.
February 2018, just 10 day shy of Valentine’s Day! We packaged up a few items to send to some of our family and friends for testing. Took a few pictures, made posts on our personal FB & IG pages and the “Sweet Beats Sample Box” and the “Sweet Beats Sweet & Salty” boxes were in high demand. With the help a few angel investors and a serious challenge to get 100 boxes shipped in time for Valentine’s Day we started building our company immediately. No time to think about all the negatives, we jumped in full speed ahead. Late nights, early mornings, help from some friends, and the sweet sound of music is what aided in the process of creating our products.
Add a little love and passion for helping others through skin care is what makes Sweet Beats Sugar Scrubs (and more) a company we are thankful to have.
Laurence & Montrella Rhodes